3 Seasons

Bama-Q is a TV show dedicated to the world of ‘Food Sport”. In their first four years, the crew covered BBQ competitions all over the Southeastern US. Along the way, their family of Pitmasters, chefs, and personalities served up great BBQ, side dishes, and cooking tips for folks to try at home.

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  • New Season New Strategy | BAMA-Q

    Episode 1

    The Bama-Q pros including The Specialists, Bees Knees and Southpork kick off a new year of BBQ battles taking on Myron Mixon and others as they fight for Grand Champion at The Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff in Montgomery, AL.

  • Dam Good BBQ | BAMA-Q

    Episode 3

    Q-Bones, Southpork, and The Specialists tell host Lisa Blackwell what makes great BBQ as the Bama-Q teams battle it out for Grand Champion near the Pickwick Dam at the Tennessee River BBQ Battle and Music Fest in Savannah, TN.

  • Hot n Fast or Low n Slow | BAMA-Q

    Episode 2

    Fat Drunk and Stupid, Smoke Me Silly, and Q-Bones fire up the pits against tough competition including Myron Mixon as the Bama-Q teams cook to win a red cedar pelican trophy at Smokin’ In The Square in Pensacola, FL.

  • Go With The Flow | BAMA-Q

    Episode 4

    Smoke Me Silly, The Specialists, and Fat, Drunk and Stupid talk about their pits and airflow as the Bama-Q pros cook for Grand Champion near the beautiful Noccalula Falls at Smoke On The Falls in Gadsden, Alabama.

  • What It Takes To Be A Pitmaster | BAMA-Q

    Episode 5

    Bees Knees, Bush League, Smoke Me Silly and the Bama-Q pros share the inside scoop on what it takes to cook on the professional BBQ circuit as they battle for Grand Champion at High On The Hog in Winchester, TN.

  • BBQ Slang | BAMA-Q

    Episode 6

    Fat, Drunk and Stupid, Bees Knees and The Specialists tell host Lisa Blackwell insider BBQ terms and lingo as they sling sauce and trash talk their way through a battle for top prize at WhistleStop Weekend in Huntsville, Alabama.

  • Cookin’ For Big Money | BAMA-Q

    Episode 7

    Q-Bones, The Pit Crew, Smoke Me Silly and the Bama-Q Pros get fired up to win a portion of the biggest payout in Alabama BBQ history, $50,000 in cash and trophies, at Poosa-Q at The Wind Creek Casino in Montgomery.

  • What Happens To The Leftovers? | BAMA-Q

    Episode 8

    Bees Knees, The Pit Crew, and Southpork tell host Lisa Blackwell where all the leftover meat goes after competitions as the teams battle it out for Grand Champion at The Downtown BBQ Showdown in Hattiesburg, MS.

  • All About The Wood | BAMA-Q

    Episode 9

    Butt Crew, Fat, Drunk and Stupid, Q-Bones, and Daniel Moznett of Western Wood talk about natural wood products and how they enhance flavor profiles as the teams face off at the Cotton Pickin’ BBQ Cook-Off in Hartselle, AL.

  • Heat Matters | BAMA-Q

    Episode 10

    Don Crace, creator of Cowboy Charcoal, talks with Host Lisa Blackwell about charcoal selection as The Specialists, The Pit Crew, and Southpork get fired up to win Grand Champion at The Great Americana BBQ Festival in Franklin, TN.

  • BBQ Is Family | BAMA-Q

    Episode 11

    Jiggy Piggy, Bees Knees, Fat Drunk, and Stupid and the Bama-Q teams fire up their pits and talk about the bonds of BBQ as they fight it out for a whiskey barrel trophy and Grand Champion at Riverfest in Decatur, AL.

  • World Food | BAMA-Q

    Episode 12

    Bama-Q Golden Ticket winners and return competitors show off their cooking skills in a food fight against world-renowned chefs in Burger, Barbecue, and more at The World Food Championships at Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX.