Bama-Q is a TV show dedicated to the world of ‘Food Sport”. In their first four years, the crew covered BBQ competitions all over the Southeastern US. Along the way, their family of Pitmasters, chefs, and personalities served up great BBQ, side dishes, and cooking tips for folks to try at home.

  • Bigger and Better | BAMA-Q

    Bama-Q pros turn up the heat with new equipment. Chester Lewis (Specialists) and Tina Cannon (Pit Crew GA) show Lisa Blackwell their new cook rigs. The pit masters battle for Grand Champion at Smokin In The Square, Pensacola, FL.

  • Judgment Day | BAMA-Q

    The Bama-Q pos feel the heat as new judges bring their taste buds to the decision table at Smoke On The Falls in Gadsden, AL. Meanwhile a competition of side dishes takes things to the boiling point for Tina Cannon and Susie Burton.

  • Battle Of The Ancillaries | BAMA-Q

    Bama-Q pros battle for top awards in side dish challenges and KCBS BBQ. Chester Lewis (Specialists) and Smoke Me Silly are going for another Grand Champion and someone gets disqualified at High On The Hog, Winchester, TN.

  • Those Big Beautiful Pits | BAMA-Q

    Smoke Me Silly and Chester Lewis (Specialists) battle for another Grand Champion win and a chance at the Jack. Addison Lewis competes at Kids Q. The Bama-Q pros reveal their BBQ pits at WhistleStop Weekend, Huntsville, AL.

  • Last Chance | BAMA-Q

    It’s the last chance to score a grand champion before the Jack drawing and Chester Lewis (Specialists) is going for it. Fire breaks out and threatens cooks for teams including Scott and Susie Burton (Southpork) in Hartselle, AL.

  • Sauces, Seasonings and Sass | BAMA-Q

    Ron Stephens and Laddy Ratliff (Fat, Drunk and Stupid) join Brent Bourland and Jeff Cole (Bees Knees) and the Bama-Q teams as they share secrets for award winning BBQ taste. The pros compete in historic Hattiesburg, MS.

  • Mascots and Superstitions | BAMA-Q

    Bob Fite and Steve Blake (Jiggy Piggy) defend their home turf as they battle for Grand Champion. The Bama-Q teams rely on skills and good luck to help them win at Riverfest in Decatur, AL.

  • Making the Grade | BAMA-Q

    Tony Mancuso (Bush League) and Chester Lewis (Specialists) tell Lisa Blackwell how to select award winning meat. Suzanne Burton (South Pork) cooks alone and one turn-in box holds a surprise at Roast and Boast in Columbus, MS.

  • World Food | BAMA-Q

    Tina Cannon (Pit Crew GA) cooks to win in the Fire and Ice Women’s BBQ Competition and Suzanne Burton battles it out for top Burger while the Bama-Q BBQ teams take on the IBCA at The World Food Championship in Orange Beach, AL.