Dive into the worlds of BBQ, Open-Fire, and Outdoor cooking with the team behind Embers TV! If you can't get enough of BBQ and grilling content in your life, you won't want to miss an episode!

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  • Ep 1. Meet The Team - The SmokeShow Podcast

    Join hosts Jeremy Yoder (Mad Scientist BBQ) and Carlos Bradley (Smoke & Vine) as they introduce you to all of the founders behind the newly launched Embers TV, the world's first streaming platform dedicated to the art of BBQ, Open-Fire, and Outdoor Cooking!

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  • Ep 2. The Rotisserie Smoker Revolution w/ M&M BBQ Co. - The SmokeShow Podcast

    In this episode, Carlos and Jeremy sit down with Mike Miller (and the occasional pop-in of Matt Sutton) of M&M BBQ Company to talk all things smokers, and specifically about the revolution of their highly sought-after Rotisserie Smokers.

  • Ep 3. The BBQ Journey of Joe Yim

    In this episode, Carlos and Jeremy sit down with Joe Yim, AKA Knox Ave Barbecue, to talk through his journey of becoming a pitmaster and BBQ YouTuber.

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