• Learn The Art of Making Pastrami | BBQ Tips Podcast

    Do you know the difference between corned beef and pastrami or how the pastrami-making process works? Tune into this week’s episode of the BBQ Tips Podcast to learn all about the brine, seasoning, and different meats that you can turn into pastrami.

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    Full Pastrami...

  • Ultimate Steak | Pellet Grill Masterclass

    In this episode, CannaBBQ shows us how easy it is to make the ultimate Tomahawk Ribeye on a pellet grill!

  • Conversation with Aaron Franklin | Full Version

    Jeremy Yoder sits down with Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX for an unscripted conversation. Nothing is off the table - they discuss the craft of BBQ, managing a brand, opening successful restaurants, and more!

  • How a Champion Pitmaster Preps for a BBQ Competition | BBQ Tips Podcast

    Christie has two big BBQ competitions coming up, so this week she’s sharing how she preps the week before a competition and what she includes on her competition BBQ checklist.

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    Competition BBQ Checklist: https://girlscangrill.com/competition-bbq/checklist/

  • Texas Open Fire Meat Up 2023 | Event Recap

    Al Frugoni KNOWS how to throw a party! Watch the recap of the annual Texas Open Fire Meat Up!

  • Beef Ribs | Matt Groark Masterclass

    In this episode, Matt gives you his step-by-step on cooking one of the best bites in BBQ - Beef Ribs!

  • The Backyard BBQ Invite

    1 season

    Join TFTI BBQ as he gives you all-access tours of some of the greatest backyard BBQ setups! New episodes coming soon!

  • 5 Methods for Cooking Filet Mignon | BBQ Tips Podcast

    This week’s BBQ Tips Podcast covers five methods for cooking filet mignon, including grilling, searing, the reverse sear, sous vide and one unique method restaurant chefs use.

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    Grilled Filet Mignon with Peppercorn Sauce: https://girlscangrill.com/recipe/grilled-fi...

  • Seafood Feast | Pellet Grill Masterclass

    In this episode, Chud's BBQ shows us how to cook up the ultimate seafood feast!

  • Game Day Snacks | Pellet Grill Masterclass

    In this episode, Chud's BBQ shows us how EASY it is to make delicious appetizers on the Pellet Grill that are ready for Game Day!

  • BBQ Tips Podcast with Girls Can Grill

    7 items

    Champion pitmaster Christie Vanover, the girl behind one of America’s top BBQ websites GirlsCanGrill.com and a contestant on Food Network’s BBQ Brawl, shares quick BBQ tips you can squeeze into your day to help you up your BBQ game.

  • FireStorm: Argentina | Official Teaser

    Join Al Frugoni as he travels through Argentina, exploring the land, culture, people, and fire! Coming soon to Embers TV.

  • Matt Groark Masterclass: Cooking with Charcoal

    7 items

    Master the art of cooking with charcoal in this Masterclass by Matt Groark. New Episodes Weekly

  • Q BBQ Fest: Dallas | Event Recap

    Check out the event recap from the popular Q BBQ Fest that came to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas!

    To learn more about Q BBQ Fest, visit https://www.qbbqfest.com

  • Pellet Grill Masterclass

    7 items

    In this Masterclass, take a deep dive into all things Pellet Grills with Jeremy Yoder, Brad Robinson, Marco Sanchez, and Carlos Bradley. New episodes release weekly.

  • Al Frugoni Masterclass: Open Fire Cooking

    2 items

    For Al Frugoni, open-fire cooking is a way of life. In this Masterclass he shares his passion. New episodes weekly.

  • BAMA-Q
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    Bama-Q is a TV show dedicated to the world of ‘Food Sport”. In their first four years, the crew covered BBQ competitions all over the Southeastern US. Along the way, their family of Pitmasters, chefs, and personalities served up great BBQ, side dishes, and cooking tips for folks to try at home.


    1 season

  • Farm to Table with Porter Road

    3 items

    Travel with Jeremy Yoder and Porter Road to the pastures of Kentucky where Jeremy learns about sustainable farming and that "raised better" equals "tastes better".

  • Breaking The Buck | Pitmaster's Journal

    In this episode of Pitmaster's Journal, watch Spencer Defty of Knotty Wood BBQ break down a whole buck!

  • Chicken Breast | Jeremy Yoder Masterclass

    In this episode, Jeremy gives us his go-to method for perfectly smoked chicken breast.

  • Jeremy Yoder Masterclass: Offset Smoking

    4 items

    Jeremy Yoder (Mad Scientist BBQ) shares his greatest knowledge yet in this Offset Smoking Masterclass. New episodes air weekly.